06 June 2023
07 June 2023
  1. Potencjalka
  2. Water from the Karkonosze Mountains

Fairs in the Czech Republic

JABLONEC, 17-18 MARCH 2017 During the EURO REGION TOUR 2017 we were presenting and promoting our water from the Karkonosze Mountains for two days. Local residents as well as visitors from Germany, Czech Republic and Poland had an opportunity to try and learn about the unique POTENCJAŁKI AOx ETNO spring water, which contains additional hydrogen atoms.

Horn sledge

JELENIA STRUGA, 19 FEBRUARY 2017 On Saturday morning several double teams were competing to win the 14th INTERNATIONAL HORN SLEDGE RACE KOWARY 2017 that took place in the Jelenia Struga valley. The winners received our unique POTENCJAŁKA AOx water from the Karkonosze Mountains.

Meeting with Wołogór

TREKKING TO BUDNIKI 27 AUGUST 2016 The settlers prepared some surprises and we brought our unique Potencjałka water from the Karkonosze Mountains. There was lots of sun, laughter and stories about the forgotten settlement. The August trekking to Budniki ended with a traditional photo with Wołogór. The quiz winners could quench their thirst with our water. Everything was organised within the Mountain Spirit Festival 2016. The next trekking will take place in November when we will bid farewell to the sun in the Karkonosze Mountains for the next 113 days.

Run to Okraj

KOWARY- OKRAJ PASS 15 AUGUST 2016 Almost 100 runners started at 09:32 from the centre of Kowary to the Okraj Pass. They had to cover nearly 12 km of a trail passing constantly uphill (600 m height difference). The fastest runner needed less than 50 minutes to reach the finish line. All the participants received a starter pack with POTENCJAŁKA Mountain water and in the food point they could quench their thirst with our unique water from the Karkonosze Mountains.

Karkonosze Slow

DINNER WITH THE MOUNTAIN SPIRIT 6 AUGUST 2016 On 6 August there was a dinner with the Mountain Spirit organised within the Karkonosze SLOW project. Dinner guests could taste regional gingerbread cookies, bread, preservatives, fish, meats, cold cuts, sweets, liquors, cookies, cheeses, pates, roulades, honeys, jams, dishes and other delicacies. Our certified POTENCJAŁKI AOx spring water had to be among regional culinary products from the Karkonosze Mountains.

The Great Hike 2016

JELENIA GÓRA - JEDLINA ZDRÓJ 1-2 JULY 2016 On Friday, 1 July almost 100 participants set off on a great hike from the market square in Jelenia Góra. After 34.5 hours and covering 106 km in the rain 25 participants finished the Great Hike 2016 in Zacisze Trzech Gór in Jedlina-Zdrój. The official water of the Great Hike 2016 with the Sudety Mountain Guides Guild was unique POTENCJAŁKA water from the Karkonosze Mountains.

Health Festival

BUKOWIEC 29 AUGUST 2015 On the last Saturday in August there were workshops, seminars, presentations and meetings devoted to health organised in the Bukowiec Palace. The attendants could take part in the lecture by Dr Zięba who talked on hidden therapies, walk barefoot on the grass, exercise their sight, hearing and other senses, as well as find out about the influence of good water on our organism. The official water at the HEALTH FESTIVAL 2015 was our unique POTENCJAŁKA AOx ETNO water from the Karkonosze Mountains.
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